Is Smoke Damage Dangerous – Answers by Fire Damage Restoration Experts

When your house has experienced a fire, you know you’re in need of fire damage repair services. But something else you should treat as seriously as fire damage is smoke damage. Smoke is very intrusive and can get into everything in your home, including between your walls, furnishings and any space in your property. The soot leftover can destroy your belongings and the lingering odors are unpleasant. From our experience as a fire damage restorations company, Paul Davis understands how irritating smoke damage can be, but we also know how dangerous it can be too. Damages from smoke need to be removed of professionally, because it isn’t safe to stay in a location where a fire has occurred.

You may not realize it, but the smoke that lingers can be harmful to anyone in the home and cause health complications. When your home has a fire, it isn’t safe to stay in your house, and it’s crucial to get a professional to come to your home for remediation. Our fire damage restoration services will ensure the soot and smoke in your home is removed and that your home is in a safe, livable condition again.

Health Exposures Involved with Residing in a Smoke Damaged House

What are the dangerous effects from smoke contamination? First off, tar is produced from smoke, and we’ve been informed that inhaling tar can induce significant damage to our lungs. But carbon monoxide is one of the more dangerous things you should watch out for. Even if all the smoke contamination is out of the house, carbon monoxide can remain. The hazardous gas is invisible, odorless and tasteless, and if inhaled, it can block oxygen from getting to your brain and heart. An expert at Paul Davis can come by your residence after a home fire and examine your carbon monoxide levels for your safety.

Carbon monoxide, tar and other particles that are made from smoke pollution can cause some frightening health complications, these are comprised of:

  • Respiratory Issues – The ability to breathe can really be hindered from smoke pollution. Even if your home is completely clear from smoke, the effects will still remain in your carpet, walls, furniture and any other open area that smoke can get into. When you come into contact with a smoke contaminated space, you’re at risk of inhaling particles that were left behind. This can cause sinus and lung complications which could lead to serious health complications later on.
  • Skin Damage – All the particles that are ingrained in your clothing, carpets and furniture can cause mild, or even severe, skin irritation that can’t be healed from lotion. That’s why it’s necessary to have your personal belongings purged from smoke pollution.
  • Eye Irritation – Your eyes are quite vulnerable to smoke contamination, and when it lingers in your home your eyes can become red, itchy and watery. It’s vital to clear your home of smoke pollution because if it is left alone, your eyes could become harmed from it.

Eradicate Smoke Pollution – Paul Davis Can Help

No matter the size of the fire, smoke pollution can penetrate your residence. It isn’t safe to stay in your home if there is smoke pollution. To avoid further harm to your health and your home, the expert team at Paul Davis is here to help. As fire damage repair professionals, we know the importance of cleaning up smoke pollution. For help from a franchise in your location, give contact us at (813) 984-2700 today.