Causes of Water Damage

Water damage happens in several various ways and can harm even the most organized business or home. Assorted flood damage causes deserve different answers. Whatever the origin or amount of flood damage in your business, Paul Davis Emergency Services respond fast and professionally.

Learn more about some of the most common types of flood damage here:

Severe Storms

Bad storms can put any building’s integrity on trial. When storms become dangerous, water becomes a strong element. Be it a flood, tornado, or blizzard, when water hits your home or business, it’s a grave matter. Nobody is ready for a problem like this, but when issues occur, our expertise is available.

Flooding in the Basement

Underground rooms are a target for runoff water, be it from rain, a leaky roof, a broken sump pump, or any other source. It just takes a single ding in the foundation for water to flow in. Paul Davis experts are highly qualified to remove water from cellars, sanitize and preserve your home goods, and dry everything quickly to minimize damage. Our team doesn’t rest until we know that the job is finished.

Issues with Sewer Spills

Sewer flooding is not just gross, it’s a health concern. Black or grey water contamination contains pathogens that can result in serious illness. Flooding caused by sewer clogs should be designated as a crisis and be dealt with immediately. Certified Paul Davis technicians inspect and remove the damage from the source and any standing water damage may have happened. Our equipment and specialized education will fix the problem with safety and quality.

Appliance Malfunctions & Broken Pipes

If a sink, bathtub, washing machine or other appliance leaks, the outcome can range from irritating to devastating. Standing water left on the floor can seep into tight spots, collecting in out of reach areas. You may cause wood damage and invite a mold invasion. If your water damage comes from toilet or kitchen malfunction, you additionally risk harboring pathogens. Call an emergency professional investigate the area to avoid further costs down the road.

Water after Fire Damage

It’s bad enough for a property to take on fire damage, but it’s even worse to be left with water damage in the days after the blaze. In the steps of killing a home fire, your property can be left soaked. This one-two punch of home damage can leave your area ruined. Paul Davis Emergency Services has the expertise to remove any fire or water damage left.