Getting Your Home Ready for a Hurricane – Prevent Storm Damage Repair

Damages caused from hurricanes can be devastating for your residence. The extreme weather conditions can impair any residence like smash windows, tear apart roofs and uproot trees and shrubs. Your residence is also exposed to water damage and flooding from downpours. Yet, there are preventative measures you can take to secure your home from strong weather conditions. Follow the methods listed below to make sure you, your family and your house is protected from a hurricane and to avoid excessive storm damage repairs.

Hurricane Planning Checklist

  • Garage Door – If your house has a garage, this should be one of the first things you need to take care of. Most garage doors don’t have the support to combat high winds. What can take place is the wind will generate a positive push in your garage, and the wind outside of it causes a negative pull. When this happens, your roof and garage will sustain a lot of pressure because of this push-pull situation. To prevent a major storm damage restoration, you can buy a kit that will help your garage door combat hurricane conditions. This is the most efficient method, but if you don’t have the time to install a kit, then you can use your automobile to help support your garage door.
  • Windows and Doors – Busted windows don’t only allow the rain to get into your home, but the wind that blows in can put a lot of pressure under your roof, which can lead to significant structural damage. Storm shutters are a great approach to secure your house during a hurricane. When a hurricane is on its way, make sure the latches are working correctly and you may want to think about installing additional locks for added defense. You can also cover your windows with OSB if you don’t have storm shutters, but it’s crucial to note that placing masking tape on your windows won’t do anything to protect your home from a hurricane. After your windows are protected, move to your doors next. Verify that they’re sturdy and that the deadbolts are in working order.
  • Roof – Your roof acts as your primary defender against the elements, and that’s why it’s vital to make sure it’s ready for a hurricane. Locate any loose shingles and mend them with reliable roofing material like roofing cement. You’ll also want suitable irrigation for the pouring rains, so clean out your gutters so the water doesn’t concentrate on your roof. You can then find any wires that are going into your home and seal off any exposed gaps to stop water damage from occurring. Lastly, evaluate whether it’s required to attach your roof with hurricane straps.
  • Your Property – It’s essential to clear your yard of any loose items such as garden accessories, patio furniture and children’s toys. If the item can be picked up from a heavy gust of wind, then relocate it to a safe area so it doesn’t cause damage to your home and others’ around you. Furthermore, check your trees for any dangling or dead limbs and trim them if they need it.
  • Car – When you’re worried about protecting your residence from a hurricane, it’s easy to forget about your automobile. Ensure that you have a full tank of gas, that your tires aren’t worn down, the windows are up and that your windshield wipers are good. If you park your automobile on the street, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not parked under trees or in a location that is vulnerable to floods.

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